Hi. The mission of IPAC is convergence. We dream of converging and communicating through the medium of music and art. This year, IPAC started a membership system, so artists and audiences can meet on a regular basis every week. We invite you to the IPAC Concert Series, where a variety of performers will present their musical world to you. On January 28, two very special artists gave a performance on IPAC’s Monday Concert: Soprano Lee Agnes and Soprano Clara Yu The sophisticated and experienced soprano, Lee Agnes, after singing with the sound of trembling the first song, says, ‘Oh, in a little space is so much harder,’ and the audience in this ‘small space’  realized that it was the chosen group. The attentiveness of the artist who tries to breath with the audience, let feel the audience the healing warmth. Whom does remind you the name’ Clara’? Clara-Jumi Kang, the great violinist of our country, or the greatest romantic pianist Clara Schumann, who is born in 1819, and  is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year? On January 28, IPAC’s audience met another cool Clara. The soprano Clara Yu is probably the only current soprano in Korea, who has been following the path of the professional vocalist right now, with  a physical handicap of limited legs since childhood. With velvet like soft voices and overflowing energy, she excited the audience. IPAC’s membership concert is currently every Monday. Time is 8:00 pm, and IPAC Hall is the venue. If you are interested, please contact us at ☎ 02 587 2016 or 0107207 2016.

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