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100-year of improving history on decentralized music education system

IPAC Music Academy is the partner of the Swiss Kalaidos Music University. Kalaidos Music University is provider of the Hochschule Degree programs at IPAC Music Academy.

Vienna Music Space

Headquartered in Dalian, China, the place in northern China for concerts and educational events for musicians and music lovers, including mentoring, coaching, training, and every other aspect of learning music.

The Society for Music, Art and Media

is a service organization for the worldwide exchange of musical education and performances. It promotes members and artistic partners, providing artist management services.

Kalaidos “Musikhochschule” Switzerland Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences is the largest private University in Switzerland. Kalaidos University offers Bachelor, Master and Specialized Performance programs, fully accredited by the State of Switzerland and follows the Bologna protocol. All Bachelor, Master and Specialized Performance degrees are therefore internationally recognized. The
programs are goal oriented with an important focus to prepare the student well for the challenging job market.

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