Introducing the performance-intensive Hochschule degree program of three different Degrees

Degree Programs
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts
Master of Arts Soloist

Upon completion of the Hochschule degree program at the IPAC Music Academy, you will earn an international degree in Bachelor of Classic Music, Master of Arts and Soloist Diploma. IPAC Music Academy’s Hochschule degree program offers innovative curriculum and administration systems to prepare students for new challenges in professional music.

The bachelor’s program includes music specialty studies, the physiological foundations of music and music specialization, time and self-management, and Master Orientation.

Click here to view the curriculum of the bachelor’s program at the IPAC Music Academy.

In Masters programs, you can suggest a choice of a particular interest or a desired minor subject when enrolling in an entrance exam. The final choice will be selected with the head of the department at the scheduling meeting. The list of specific minor course modules may vary from session to session and may be enrolled in consultation with the head of the department: jazz and pop music for classical students, chamber music / song accompaniment, historically correct style and interpretation , Contemporary music, improvisation, background music and accompaniment, variant musical instruments, theory, composition, arrangement -(subject to change), special minor subjects (students may make suggestions in consultation with the head of the department under conditions of extraordinary interest)

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The ‘Masters Advanced’ program ‘Soloist Diploma’ allows you to concentrate on your artistic career at an international level by excluding minor and most of modularized courses.

However, to the extent that it supports your career as an professional, there are modules entitled as part of the program.)

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How is it organized?

Over the last 100 years (since 1913) the Swiss academic music tradition has continuously
developed and improved the system into the decentralized, individual music study programs it is today. The study program of Kalaidos “Musikhochschule” combines both basic elements of distance learning and classic teaching units, developing and requiring great autonomy, selfresponsibility and personal maturity, providing maximum freedom concerning study organization.

This flexibility in regard to location and time is supposed to grant to every person – regardless of age or phase of life – access to top class music education, depending only on the single person’s potential.

Individualized and Goal Orientated

The great degree of individualization and the consideration of different personal educational backgrounds and learning paces are the central elements of our study programs. All programs follow the basic idea of the Bologna educational reform – i.e. goal orientation. The study program can be completed in full-time or part-time – concurrent occupations or family responsibilities will not prevent you from this study program.

Examinations, performances and competitions

To reach the intended flexibility and individualization, the courses are strictly compliant with the goal orientation designated by the Bologna reform.

Hence, reaching the learning objectives is verified via direct examinations in as many sections as possible, as that is the best way to take the individual educational background and learning speed into account.

Learning objectives are verified by performances, and at IPAC Music Academy, also by participation in competitions.

Financial Requirements

Depending on the students’ individual situation and artistic level, IPAC Music Academy can advise the student in regard to the individualized study schedule and help the student with financial budget planning , to get an overview of the costs involved including study costs and costs for traveling and living.


We want offer individualized higher education for artists of tomorrow. Our educational plan accustomed for each individual situation ensures that all students develop the full potential in accordance with their own conditions.

Above all, actual job training is an important part of cultivating a serious musicianship.

During and after graduation, students will perform on the stage and participate in the professional music market.

IPAC “Musikhochschule” Degree Program Advantages at a Glance

✔ High flexibility regarding study location and time
✔ Freedom and individualization of program design
✔ Goal orientation (Bologna education reform)
✔ Global network of accredited lecturers
✔ Internationally recognized Bachelor and Master and Specialized Performance Degrees

Pursuing higher Degree with IPAC:

Internationally recognized degrees at the Bachelors, Masters and Specialized Performance/Solist diploma.

Study with IPAC Music Academy means maximum freedom and flexibility

Special care and mentor system by IPAC Music

Academy assist you in learning the language, planning your course of study, organizing your daily schedule and take care of every aspect of your study plan.

The IPAC “Musikhochschule” degree program provides high standard international music education
and can be studied both at home and abroad.

IPAC “Musikhochschule” degree program Advantages

• Internationally recognized degree
• Personalized curriculum
• World famous lecturers and professors
• Chance to study overseas



A high degree of individualization and flexibility regarding location, time, as well as program design, makes it ideal also for those scholars with special requirements or conditions.

Top Degrees

We offer Bachelor, Master, and Soloist programs, fully accredited by the State of Switzerland and follows the Bologna protocol. All Bachelor and Master degrees are therefore internationally recognized.


Our students can complete their programs partly in Korea, depending on their circumstances, requirements and preferences. The knowledge of foreign languages is no precondition for enrollment in IPAC “Musikhochschule” degree program. This helps our students to study time and cost saving.

More than University Degrees

Our Curriculum is focused on career building, designed to bring each student to the highest level of musicianship, and helps you to succeed as a professional musician. The programs are goal oriented with an important focus to prepare the student well for the challenging job market.