The IPAC program is a top-notch arts education curriculum with excellent faculty and IPAC’s global artist team, providing students with the ideal learning environment to maximize and grow their talents without having to study abroad.

We aim to cultivate artists who will stand on the global stage through a system that
promotes international cooperation, empathy and communication in a small community space and a holistic approach that connects music with other areas of life.

Degree Programs

The IPAC Music Academy works with the largest private university in Switzerland, Kalaidos, to offer a Bachelor’s and Master’s program accredited by Swiss State and internationally recognized.

IPAC Music Academy “Musikhochschule” Degree Programs, in cooperation with Swiss “Musikhochschule” Kalaidos, center on individualization and decentralization. The programs offer a high degree of flexibility regarding study location and duration, depending on the level and circumstances of the student. Students in IPAC “Musikhochschule” Degree Program can carry out their studies partly in Europe and partly in Korea according to their needs.

The IPAC Music Academy offers full Service for the time of Hochschule Degree Program.
You can choose our Study Abroad Service, if you wish to study during the Summer and Winter Semester in Switzerland. Or, you can Self study with our assistance and take exam in Switzerland, taking advantage of the Hochschule degree program, which offers maximum flexibility in terms of location and duration of study depending on the student’s level and situation.
Both is viable ways for a successful participation in our international Degree Program.


IPAC Music Academy offers preparatory courses to consult and coach students preparing for entrance exams to the Hochschule degree program at IPAC Music Academy or other universities and conservatories in Korea and abroad.

IPAC is also the right place for music major students who want to prepare for the final exam of the Conservatory as well as awards in domestic and international competitions.