Master of Arts in Music Instrumental Performance Classic

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This Master’s course will prepare the graduates for entering a demanding job market by offering balanced training, consisting of a broad professional qualification on a high level and a focus on special fields.


Modules in core area main subject

Major subject
Accompaniment (for instruments, vocals)
Accompaniment, continuo (for keyboard instruments)
Chamber Music / Ensemble Training Modules in Performance skills
Competitive surroundings: Masterclasses and interpretation classes
Conducted project
Music & Body
Second study instrument
Elocution & Speech und Scene (for vocal students only)
Master’s project: Individualized introduction
Master’s project and presentation

Minor modules

Minors are chosen and matched with the sequence of modules during the Scheduling meeting before setting them in the learning agreement. The specific
list of offered minor modules might vary from semester to semester. Among others, the following minors could be attended in consultation with the
Heads of Course:

– Jazz & Popular Music (based on major subject) for classical students (play competence, basic knowledge and mediation competence)
– Chamber music / song accompaniment(performative minor)
– Historically schooled performance practice (performative minor)
– Contemporary Music
– Improvisation (performative minor)
– Backing & Accompaniment (pedagogic and performative minor)
– Variant and parallel instruments (performative minor)
– Theory, composition, arrangement
– Special minor (might be developed in consultation with the presidency based on an outstanding interest emphasis of the student/s)

*This list is not conclusive and may be changed or expanded.

Study Duration
The regular study duration of the Master program is 4 semesters. Depending on individual circumstances and background it may be extended to 6 semesters.

In special cases of highly advanced and gifted musicians a shortening of the study plan may be considered.

Academic Degree

After successfully completing the study program, the title of the academic degree is Master of Arts in Music Performance. All degrees are internationally recognized.

The table below shows a typical Master program plan based on a 4 semester schedule. Based on each student’s personal situation and artistic level, the program will be individualized.

Master Performance Program Plan English

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