Master of Arts in Music Specialized Performance “Soloist“ Classic

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High degree of individualization concerning previous education

The master’s program “Master of Specialized Performance/Soloist Diploma” at the Kalaidos “Musikhochschule” is tailored to students, who have a special personality, because of their learning history, their professional career and their situation of living and can offer special conditions such as life experience, above average educational background, a developed artistic character and specific needs in education, which lead to the assumption that graduates of the master’s program “soloists degree” can play music on an international level. The degree of individualization and the local and temporal flexibility of the program are therefore very high. Unified testing standards make sure, that although backgrounds may differ, all students reach the same learning goals.

Basic structure of the study program

To live up to that high standards the master’s program “Master of Specialized Performance/Soloist Diploma” with an attainable 120 ECTS-Points, is structured in the following way:

Key qualification

Artistic main subject
Accompaniment (except for piano)
Solo with Orchestra
Chamber music-9 ECTS (piano 12 ECTS )
Master‘s-project and master’s-concerts-13 ECTS
Additional qualification
Modules (self marketing, public relations and so forth)

Study Duration

The regular study duration of the Master program is 4 semesters. Depending on individual circumstances and background it may be extended to 6 semesters.

General Comments

Compared to the study program “Master Performance with a specialization in classical music”, the program “Master of Arts in Music Specialized Performance with specialization in classical music/soloistics’ degree” disclaims minors and to a certain extent also modularized subjects, to give room to the artistic unfolding on an international level. Modularized subject are part of the program to that extent in which they support a professional career as a soloist. Self-study as well as the organization of concert performances are especially emphasized during that program.

"Soloist Diploma" Program Plan English

Academic Degree

After successfully completing the study program, the title of the academic degree is Master of Arts in Music Specialized Performance “soloist diploma“.
All degrees are internationally recognized.
based on a 4 semester schedule. Based on each student’s personal situation and artistic level, the program will be individualized.

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