A global network of musicians with distinguished reputations as performers and educators.
Students enjoy performances, masterclasses and workshops.

IPAC Student Activities and Membership Benefits

The main benefits of IPAC’s membership are those of a music-immersive environment and system.

Find details on membership benefits below.

Ongoing student development activities and Support through –
  • Comprehensive music education 
  • lectures 
  • examinations and scholarships 
  • performance opportunities

Comprehensive music education - holistic growth

Rising Star Series

• Rising Star series actively promotes one student per month. The goal of this program is to achieve your goals and learn by immersing yourself.

Goal setting guide

• Once a year, the student will establish several short-term goals, two mid-term goals, and one long-term goal. When students achieve their goals, they will receive a series of awards. Setting goals and achieving accountability helps students clearly define their success strategy.


Arts Leadership Seminar

• Leading thinkers in the field talk about relevant themes for the Art industry such as industry directions, communication, and future job market trends. The best way to learn about the world of arts is to listen to people who are engaged in it.

Teacher-led workshop

Workshops on skills acquisition, performance practices, techniques, music history and theory

Student-led activity

• Students’ new and innovative ideas and activity promoting series

Music World Updates

• Information updates on a wide range of music worlds, from classical to jazz and world music

Examination and Scholarship Benefits

Excellence Award

• IPAC offers a standard curriculum with a focus on artistry, skills and music theory of performance to support an excellent musical performance and honors an award based on performance.


• ABRSM is the Royal School of Music’s test committee, which offers more than 650,000 tests and assessments in 93 countries each year. ABRSM strives to support worldwide music production, learning and development.

Quarterly Reports

• To open communication and teach students responsibilities, deadlines, goals, progress and creativity, teachers create reports that enable parents to track progress. The goal is to motivate and to provide students with strategies, advice, and encouragement and to efficiently cooperate with engaged parents.

Performance Opportunity

Music Day

• Music Day is open to students of all ages and abilities. It is a great opportunity to check your current level and grow up as a musician. IPAC also announces awards.

Collaboration Projects

• Collaboration projects provide the opportunity for IPAC members to work in the professional music market and to foster creative ideas through the collaboration of IPAC and other professional music organizations.

Community Projects

• Valuable opportunity to share the joy of music with local community

Scholarship Competition

• Annual event to provide students with scholarship opportunities.

A personalized experiences of co-creation, beyond the traditional teacher-student-relationship which also includes fellow-students, parents, and audiences! – Making such a concept of Music education become reality: that’s our vision.