We create a student-centered music education environment.  As peer musicians, together, you will create a setting, where music actually happens,including mentoring, coaching, training, and every other aspect of learning music.

Study Abroad / International Music Program
Travel around the world to study music abroad with IPAC.

A full-time or part-time program allows you to acquire a degree in music from abroad or choose to study abroad without a degree. Study Schubert music in Vienna, Mozart music in Salzburg, modern pop music courses in London and historical, sociological,technical and overall aesthetics of Chopin music in Warsaw. Learn to sing in Italy, upgrade yourself professionally, make memories and expand your network.

Examples of additional benefits of the IPAC International Music Program include the ability to acquire skills that you can use abroad study/work or have skills in your own personal life. International programs give you the opportunity to make life-long friends and experience unforgettable.

You will have the opportunity to learn with local students, learn about their culture, and interact with students from other countries while learning about music in other countries and opportunities to communicate with students and citizens from other cultures and countries.

In addition, IPAC’s international music program is an ideal opportunity not only for learning from worldclass musicians, but also for musicians who can perform on a global stage.

Start your options for study abroad programs.

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Go global! Music doesn’t know border lines.

The highest flexibility possible + individualization

The music doesn’t know borderlines, why should you?
Lets team up and study together in various locations.
Why not go abroad, why not study in different countries, or even continents? Different settings?
A class together with your classmates in a famous Viennese Café?

IPAC International Music Program(with or without Degree) is a excellent tool for designing a productive, self-organized life style, one can actively decide now with us: which professor, which country, which time?
Lets enjoy the flexibility and freedom together!

Music is networking and celebrating

Music should not isolate people, we should make music together.
Lets enjoy the flexibility and freedom together!
Because, Music is very social in essence. We all have the desire to communicate through music. Our ancestors used music to celebrate being together.
We can regain this treasure of humanity. Strangers come together in metropoles and beautiful landscapes of different countries, study together, coach each other, while absorbing inspiring new environments.