IPAC Full Service for Abroad Study

Why use IPAC full Service to attend Hochschule Degree
Program in Switzerland?

– Keeping the center of life, and workplace in Korea
– Language certificate not required
– Preparation, support and mentoring in Korea
– acquire the credits in Korea that have not been acquired during regular semester
– International stage career
– New cultural, geographical environment, overseas
– Exposure to various language environments

Complete your study & build your artistic career at the same time, with IPAC Music Academy!

Actual Job Training  as an important part of an education

Be ready to perform at stage and to participate at professional music market during the Degree Program!

Students who pass entry exams of Kalaidos Music University attend University with our Assistance and Mentorship.

Depending on Degree 6 or 4 semesters long, the curriculums are held in 3 months each during Winter and Sommer semester.

IPAC also prepare Students for entry exams required for participating in Hochschule Degree Program