IPAC Music Academy's international degree service for Selfstudy at a Glance

The IPAC Music Academy offers internationally recognized bachelor and master programs through the Hochschule degree program, which is co-operated with the Kalaidos Music University, Switzerland.

IPAC Music Academy’s international degree service for Selfstudy is based on the characteristics of the Hochschule degree program, which ensures a high degree of flexibility in terms of location and time requirements, depending on the student’s level and situation. The participants can fulfill the curriculum both overseas and in Korea partly.

Why use IPAC Music Academy’s international degree service for Selfstudy


1. Acquisition of a rapid degree when meeting the required level
2. Customized support
3. Individual pacing instead of unnecessary “required” courses
4. Training plans for different personal situations
5. Global Networking

Musicians, who have a special personal, learning history because of their professional career and their situation of living, a developed artistic character, can through
standarzied exams obtain the desired Degree.

Certain competences are required and validated at entry and graduation

1. Validation of the competencies and educational performances via the inspection of the student’s dossier, which is submitted for enrollment.
2. Rating based on the performance during the admission exam.
3. Exam module, attendance module and auditions:
The completion of the learning goals is verified in many fields via exams. Besides, there are Attendance modules completed via course intern certificates without exams.

Class organization

The courses required in the IPAC “Musikhochschule” degree program are organized through one-on-one classes, seminars, online courses, music festivals and master classes depending on student interest, needs and budget, and may be held in Korea or abroad.


The international network of certified instructors is independent of the central institution and ensures excellent training in the field. Students select instructors within a group of certified teachers and conduct their own classes
with the teacher of their choice. Kalaidos Music University provides curriculum and necessary rules, contacts and supervision committees.

It is not a required course, or it is equipped with skills, so you do not have to waste valuable time

Students at IPAC Music Academy’s international degree service for Selfstudy receive full support and mentoring until the moment they hold the desired degree in their hands.

It’s commonly assumed that graduating from a good school is a prerequisite for success.

But, actually for many successful musicians that’s not the case.
Alfred Brendel, Claudio Arrau, Maria-João Pires and Cecilia Bartoli are some of the top musicians who are largely self-taught.
They emphasize how self-taught is an important condition for the artist’s growth process. Are you surprised to hear that artists are self made?

Success as an artist is not a easy pfad. They are full of traps, obstacles, failures, and mistakes. Success as an artist requires persistence, mental and emotional toughness to overcome these pitfalls.

The process of becoming an artist is not completed by graduating from school.

You need to know, next time, what you want how to do it.
The qualities of an artist can change over the course of a lifetime.
It is not fixed. The qualities of the artist who self teach himself, can be improved constantly in everyday life.

And you can do it.

IPAC will work with organizations from all over the world, such as the Kalaidos Music University in Switzerland, to help self taught musicians to success.

We live now in the age of life long learning; different life circumstances demand different paces

Different Pacing, no unnecessary “required” courses.