IPAC aims to provide a comprehensive music education and an inspiring environment.

With five core courses in music studies, such as music theory, music history, listening, chamber music, and conducting, IPAC strengthens the musical literacy of students.

In order to provide a inspiring environment for music, we offer students opportunities to participate in masterclasses and domestic and international music competitions, to play in ensembles of various sizes, the opportunities for lecturers and small concert performances in front of music lovers.

We will do our best to provide excellent and comprehensive music education for your enjoyment throughout your life.


Atmosphere of IPAC

: There is no perfection without mistakes! The atmosphere of IPAC is individual, creative, fun and student-centered.

IPAC – a community of classical music

Why is a lively community so important to study music?

Like the african proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” says, It Takes a community like us to nurture the love for music in the heart of Your child:

A community of different people, like fellow students – same or other instrument playing, teachers of academy, parents, guest artists and professors, interacting with children in order for children to encounter with music in a immersive environment.
The child has one responsible teacher, and the entire academy nurtures his love of music.

It is such a community of music and artists, students and parents, what IPAC wants to be in its essence.

Our goal is to offer our customers the whole “global town” of music.