Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Study Areas and Total ECTS at a Glance

Test Modules

1. major subject (81 ECTS)
2. theory subjects (44 ECTS)
3. Bachelor Project (10 ECTS)
4. Chamber Music / Ensemble Training (9 ECTS)

Attendance Modules

5. Accompaniment in the main compartment (3
6. Choir (2 ECTS)
7. Music and research (2 ECTS)
8. Physiological foundations (4 ECTS)
9. Professional field / master orientation (2 ECTS)
10. Introduction Old music / New music /
improvisation (6 ECTS)
11. Master preparation (performance or pedagogy)
(7 ECTS)
————————Total 170 ECTS

Study Duration

The regular study duration of the Bachelor study program is 6 semesters. Depending on individual circumstances and background it may be extended to 10 semesters (part time) or shortened to 4.


After successfully completing the study program, the title of the academic degree is Bachelor of Arts in Music specialized in Classic. All degrees internationally recognized.

The table below shows a typical Bachelor program plan based on a 6 semester schedule. Based on each student’s personal situation and artistic level, the program will be individualized.

Bachelor Program Plan English

Bachelor Program Plan

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