How to Apply

IPAC Music Academy looks forward to reviewing your applications for our programs.

The basis to enroll at any “Musikhochschule” Degree Program at IPAC Music Academy is to successfully pass the entry exam. IPAC Music Academy offers auditions and preparatory courses, to help the students to get ready to enroll “Musikhochschule” Degree Program at IPAC Music Academy. Successfully completed Studies or courses at other institutions will be taken into account when applying for further study at IPAC Music Academy.

What You will Need:

A complete application consists of:

Online application form and fee payment

Transcripts uploaded to the application

Statement of purpose

Statement of prepared repertoire for the Exam

Passport photo

IPAC Music Academy may request additional academic documents, as needed.

Completing Your Application

When you are ready to apply, access our online application by clicking the apply button on the right side of this page, or downloading the application form to be sent per email to All supporting materials must be submitted as well.

*We recommend that you apply for a Counseling Audition with a IPAC “Musikhochschule” Degree Program professor before applying to the entry exam. After the Counseling Audition, we will discuss with you, and provide constructive feedback designed to help your future musical development, or plan out a preparatory course for you or ask you to re-audition at a later date. The application for admission, including all supporting materials, becomes the property of IPAC Music Academy. No materials will be returned to the applicant or forwarded to other schools or agencies.


Admission guidance

The Admissions Office will answer any questions you may have regarding application to the IPAC Musikochschule degree program, deadline for applying, etc.

Questions about the admissions process


To apply by email, please send your application to the email address:


Counseling Auditions

Counseling Auditions:
These informal and informative sessions are available all year around and are for musicians who would like professional feedback on their current musical level and potential or general advice.

How do I apply?
By filling out an online application form or contacting us. Please complete all sections of the application form, giving as much information as you can, especially about your musical experience, and including references from current music tutors.

The Counseling Audition
Lasts around 30 minutes. You are asked to prepare the followings:

-1 Etude
-1 piece of J.S. Bach
– 1 or 2 movements of a classical Sonata
You can choose any further pieces freely.

Other instruments:
– Repertoire of two or more works from at least two different music eras. Minimum 10 minutes.

After the audition, you will get feedback on your playing. Advice Auditions help you to better know your level and your chances of getting into University.
*The application deadline is for the official entry exam date. Additional individualized exam dates can be fixed any time.


Learn how to apply for admission to our bachelor’s, master’s and soloist programs.

Counseling Auditions >
Audition information, requirements, and process.
Know your level and your chances of getting into Degree Programs.

Application Deadline

December  1, 2018

The application deadline is for the official entry exam date. Additional individualized exam dates can be fixed any time.

Contact Info

If you have questions about applying, please contact IPAC Music Academy for assistance.

Application questions: +82 (0)2 587-2016 (please call between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Korea Standard Time, Monday through Friday), or contact